How to Register

How To Register for UU Kids Camp 2017
 (Registration Deadline Extended to June 11th)
Thank you for your interest in the UU Kids Camp, sponsored by First Unitarian.  Please follow these instructions to be sure the camp staff has all of the information they need to assure a safe and rewarding camp experience for you campers.

If at any time you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email and we'll get right back to you.

Navigate to and click the “how to register” tab.
1       (Everyone) PRINT THIS How-to register document – It will be handy to have this accessible over the next few months as you prepare your campers to go to camp.
2       (Everyone) Click on the On-Line registration button on the camp website and complete a registration form for each camper.  Note: the parent/guardian information at the end of the registration form need only be filled out for your first camper.  Complete camper information is required for all campers.
3       (Everyone) Print and carefully read the two page Parental Consents and Release of Liability.”  Initial or sign each section where indicated.  Be sure to print your name and date in the appropriate places.  Both pages must be completed and returned.

4 (Everyone) Print and carefully read the “Sacramento Camp Activities Release of Liability  Print your name, sign, and note the requirement for a witness signature.

5 (Everyone) Return all three pages with your $50/camper deposit to:
        UU Kids Camp
        First Unitarian Church
        3701 Carlisle Blvd NE
        Albuquerque, NM  87110

Checks should be made out to “First Unitarian Church”, with “UU Kids Camp Registration” in the memo line. Or, starting this year, you can use PayPal on the camp website for deposit and registration payment if you prefer.  Your registration will not be considered complete until the consent form and deposit have been received.  The deposit and mailed consent forms must be received by June 11th.  Final registration payment must be made by July 1st.  If the deposit payment is a significant barrier to registering for camp, then please contact the RE office at First Unitarian to see if alternative arrangements are possible.

6       (Optional)  Generous members of First Unitarian have made limited tuition assistance funds available to families who are members of First Unitarian, and whose children are registered for the First Unitarian RE program.  Members who might otherwise not be able to send their children to camp should complete the Tuition Assistance Request form online before June 1st.  We regret that funds are limited and not all requests may be funded in full.
7       (Conditional) Campers who will be attending High School will participate in the Counselor In Training (CIT) program.  There is an additional CIT Registration Form that should be completed by the CITs.  Based on their interests, skills and personalities, CITs will lead in one of two ways. Some leaders enjoy being out front, directing traffic and motivating campers with boisterous games or song. These CITs will lead activities, group singing, games and motivate the group. Some leaders might choose to lead from within a community or provide opportunities for the spiritual leadership of campers. These CITs will plan and run the daily spiritual gathering of vespers and explore other ways to lead from within a spiritual community. Both types of leadership are valuable for intentional communities and both will collaborate together to lead camp groups. CITs can explore their preferences for different roles and ways to lead camp. This honors the diversity of interests and styles in our CITs.  CITs should read the questions on the CIT Registration carefully and fill them out thoughtfully.
8       (Everyone) Watch you email for notices and announcements about camp.  If there is any information missing from your registration you should receive an email about it.
9       (Everyone) Remember, final registration payments are due by July 1st or your registration may be cancelled!  Do not forget to mail the check before you leave on your summer trip, or pay via PayPal from the camp website.
10       (Everyone) If you don’t do it right now, remember to come back to the web site in early July and print and complete (as necessary):
A Camper Medication Form for each of your campers.  A completed form must accompany all medications you are sending to camp, and will be collected at check-in on July 24th.
A set of Pickup Information and Release forms. (1)  It is vital that we have complete contact information for all parents and guardians so we can contact you if there are delays on the return bus.  (2) If someone other than the listed parent/guardian(s) on the registration form will be picking up your children on Friday we must have their names on a release form.  Camp staff cannot release campers to anyone not authorized to pick them up. (3;4)  If you will be driving your campers to and/or from SMA yourself, you must complete a self drive form(s).

We will collect completed forms at check-in.  If there is a change of transportation plans during camp week, amended forms may be emailed to (preferred), or dropped off at the church office.

If you are dropping off your camper at SMA, please include the self drive form with your registration packet, or contact so we can look for you at camp.  Also, please be sure you have all of the required forms with you.
11 A Packing List to help you make those decisions about what should and must go to camp.  Remember storage space on the bus is limited, and there is a strict limit on the number and size of bags campers may bring.
12 A Transportation Information page to help you and your campers plan for the bus trips.

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